Friday, November 18, 2016

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Shop CleanUp and New Networked TV Screen

The welding bench has be cleaned.

A new addition to the Shop is a Large Flat Screen TV, it with will be used to watch Shop Youtube Videos, and Pandora to play background music.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rock Stacking

This is what happens with "Idle Hands" are not put to good use.


Friday, September 16, 2016

Fountain Controller

With encouragement from my friend, Larry - KB7KMO, I just ordered a Orange Pi for use as a Fountain Controller, it will be used to control relays which control water and air valves, which will operate the Pond Fountains.

The Orange Pi will be connected via WIFI and will normally receive X10/Insteon commands from the ISY House Programmable Controller. For special events, the Orange Pi will run its own programs to control the Fountains and Lights.

Orange Pi Lite

This should be a fun project.


Building Experimental Fountain Nozzles

We have been experimenting with Fountain Nozzles for the Pond.

Our latest uses a 4 inch diameter Collimator Chamber with a 3/8 inch output port (hole in PVC cap), the input is 1 inch threaded pipe.

The Collimator Chamber is full of "Coffee Stir Sticks". The stirrers are packed VERY tight.

The input is a 1 inch pipe with about 3 inches of rolled "Air Conditioner Filter" material.

Here is the Experimental Nozzle Setup, showing the current 4 inch Collimator and some other previous created nozzles.

This is the output of the 4 inch Collimator Some Nozzles and Collimator work better than others.

This Collimator is just an empty 18 inch section of 1.5 inch pipe.

This shows the two together.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Playing with Pond Fountain Feature Elements

To operate Pond Fountain Features control devices need to be purchased or made. Purchase the control devices can be expensive, so I started playing with some PVC connectors to construct some useful devices.

The first device I wanted to create is a "Quick Exhaust Value" (QEV), it can be used to trigger a large shot of water (see previous blogs).  A QEV is really just two check values of two different sizes with the check elements connected between the two. The check element can be just a single (double ended) device, like a ball or shuttle piston.

My First Attempt - FAIL

An Attempted QEV - FAIL
Cut-a-way of the Failed QEV

I think this would have worked if the Ball was less squishy and it fit tighter within it guide tube.

My Third Attempt - SUCCESS

Another QEV that worked
This value uses a hard shuttle that moves to activate the to ports, it leaks a little but that can be fixed with some rubber on the face of the shuttle.

Then I attempted a low head Check Value for automatic refill of the water feature. The Ball that was used floats in water, therefore it must be used with a particular end up, but this provide very little over head for trickle refill of the fountain.

The Check Valve
The Ball and My First Attempt
at creating a Ball Cage
Something Similar Was Actually Used
The Yellow Check Ball Can be Seen Inside
Bottom Side Showing Ball Stand Off
Other devices were also made.

Single Small Stream Nozzle
Single Large Stream Nozzle
The use of these devices will be seen in future Pond Fountain blogs.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Air Tank for WaterCannon

I am playing with the idea of a Local Air Tank for the WaterCannon (see previous post). I am trying to use of 2 litter Soda bottle as the local tank. I think 8 bottle will be necessary for my large WaterCannon, tests tell.

An adapter for the Soda bottles will be needed.

An Adapter will be made with matching bottle threads
On the lathe, matching threads will be cut into the standard PVC adapter.

Ready for Assembly
An O-ring will be used on the bottle's standard thread flange.